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Monday, April 9, 2012

Pampering Toes for the Infanticipating

I am usually pretty low maintenance when it comes to my nail care. I cut my own nails and reserve professional mani-pedi sessions for special occasions. 

But my 7-month belly has made it impossible for me to reach my toes and it has reached quite a nasty and disgusting length.

So... I hauled my pregnant feet over to Organic Rituals Spa (recommended by a mummy friend)!

What a pretty sight! Very welcoming!

It was a quiet afternoon. I had the whole place to myself!
Organic Rituals Spa uses only Zoya Nail polish which is free of toulene, formaldehyde, DBP and camphor (no chemical nail polish scent!). 

Vegan nail polish - perfect for pregnant and lactating chicks!
Look at all the pretty colors you can choose from!

The other thing that rocks about this spa is its commitment to protect the environment. Like when they prepped my feet, they used just the right amount of water in the basin (unlike in other spas where they fill it to the brim - how wasteful for just a 5 minute soak!). It even had stones at the bottom which felt great on my tired feet.

The staff were very courteous and accommodating! They even insisted I place extra pillows on my back to avoid any strain during the session. It would have been nice though if the treatment came with a refreshment (like an organic tea!). Anyway, they assisted me in choosing which package to get - they were recommending the Rescued Feet package which had all the works but I was in a hurry so I settled for the express pedicure.

All of their nail technicians are well-trained and follow international spa standards and procedures. Seline was assigned to me and I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE her! I usually ask the technician not to file my nails because it always makes me cringe! But Seline's hands were so gentle on my feet that I did not mind AT ALL! I actually almost fell asleep during the session. She's THAT good! 

Here is Seline working on my nails! 
I barely have time to read magazines so I used this chance since they had a huge stack of Hollywood mags! While reading, I came across this hilarious ad:

A Vibrating Bra - in HOT PINK!

And an hour later - VOILA! Pretty, pink, pampered pregnant toes! 
I chose a pale pink color called "Corinne" - usually used by brides! I wish I could pull off bold colors like shades of red or metallics, but they just don't suit me. Sadness!

The damage? Only P250 (around $5.50)! Worth every penny!
Even if I just got the basic pedicure, my feet really felt so pampered! I am definitely going back to try the Rescued Feet treatment!

They also have massages and body scrubs - I am definitely signing up for that once I pop! I do wish they offer prenatal massages, though! 

Here's a list of their other services:

They also have SPArty packages catered by The Sexy Chef - a nice idea for bridal or baby showers!

Organic Rituals Spa is located at the Mezzanine Floor of Atlanta Center along Annapolis, Greenhills. For appointments, you can reach them at 661-3101.
Open from Monday-Saturday, 11AM to 9PM. By appointment on Sundays.

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  1. thanks for this tip.. i didn't know that such a place existed... i know a lot of pregnant mommies who are frustrated at their toe nails who will definitely love this post.