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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Kian's First Visit to the Dentist

Toothbrush time is always a challenge with Kian (which is a polite way of saying HE HATES IT!). To make it a wee bit easier and more fun, I got him a toothbrush that lights up while he brushes.

It lights up for a minute so Mommy knows when to stop brushing!

But even with this fun toothbrush, my active toddler would only allow us a few seconds to clean his teeth before he scoots away. And because of this, I've been worrying a lot about his oral hygiene. So yesterday, I brought him to his very first visit to the dentist.

The dental clinic we chose is highly specialized in Pediatric Dentistry. They had a lot of toys for the kids to play with and even 2 flatscreen TVs complete with Sony Playstations in the waiting room! After registering, the assistant told us that Dr. Caparas would like to talk to the us first before they bring in Kian.

Dr. Lourdes Caparas - the best pedia dentist for me!
(photo grabbed from their website) 

When we entered the room, Dr. Caparas greeted us with a warm smile! She asked us a couple of questions - our expectations from the visit, how we currently take care of his teeth, Kian's personality. She went on to explain what will happen when we bring in Kian inside the room. Lots of crying for sure but it's normal. She taught us the best way to help Kian get through this is to show him a confident smile during the entire session and to avoid saying things like, "It's okay! Mommy/Daddy's here! We'll buy you a toy later! It won't hurt I promise"  as this will NOT soothe him and just make him feel more agitated.

It was finally time to bring in the star of the show! He entered the room without hesitation and Dr. Caparas immediately bonded with him. I could tell that Dr. Caparas had a natural way with children. Kian generally isn't fond of doctors but she instantly won him over with her soothing and motherly voice. 

Since it's Kian's first time, Dr. Caparas felt the dental chair might intimidate him so he placed his head on her lap instead while my husband held the other half of his body. He also held Kian's hands for support.

Daddy, am I getting a massage?
Pretty, pretty light!
Oh, and there's a TV in the ceiling! I want that for my room!
Dr. Caparas first applied a special blue ink on Kian's teeth. We should expect to see 3 different colors: areas colored in pink are plaque from that same day, areas colored in purple are plaque from the day before and areas colored in blue are plaque from the 3 days ago. So how did Kian's teeth fare? She said we were doing an OK job of cleaning his teeth but we could do better to ensure we avoid cavities!

Then she began to clean Kian's teeth...

Dr. Caparas showing Kian her special toothbrush.

Cleaning his teeth one by one!
Kian cried but he didn't struggle as much as we expected.

After cleaning Kian's teeth, Dr. Caparas applied a special flouride vitamin on Kian's teeth to make them strong!

And because Kian was such a good sport, Dr. Caparas opened her drawer of goodies and Kian chose his prize! He chose the Angry Birds eraser.

Dr. Caparas also gave him an orange balloon! Dumpling was a happy camper!

Before we left, Dr. Caparas showed us the proper way of brushing Kian's teeth. It should be two teeth at a time, brushing in circular motions (and not side to side). And to make sure all the dirt and grime are removed, we have to wipe down his teeth with a damp gauze or cloth. 

She also told us to use flouride toothpaste (uh-oh, we've been using Orajel flouride-free toothpaste since his first tooth came out!). She explained that flouride-free toothpastes are only for countries who already have flouride in their drinking water (like the US). But here in the Philippines, we have no flouride in our water! And that's why it's important to use flouride to keep our kids' teeth healthy and cavity-free. 

And this is the toothpaste she recommends:

Locally, you can find this in Healthy Options. 
Also sold in Amazon.

Kian says goodbye to Dr. Caparas and gives her a well-deserved high five!

Thanks for not terrorizing me!

Kian so proud of his sparkling pearly whites! Great job, Dumpling! 
How I wish Dr. Caparas would accept adult patients, as well :)

Caparas-Goduco Dental Clinic is located at Active Fun Building 2nd Floor 9th Avenue Corner 28th Street Bonifacio Global City.
For appointments, please call 815-2396 or 816-7957. 
Note: It took us 2 months to get a slot!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Making A (Hospital Bag) List & Checking It Twice!

I was shocked when I realized that I'm on my 35th week of pregnancy! I'm going under the knife in less than a month! Looks like it's time to start packing for the big day (I've been trying to put it off as long as I can because my huge pregnant ass is just too lazy!)

With Dumpling, I only had to pack a few items because he spent the whole time in the nursery of Makati Medical City. But now I'm giving birth in a different hospital with a strict rooming-in policy so I have to be prepared! 

Here is my list (mostly based from my first birthing experience and the lists of Topaz Mommy and Manila Mommy):

For Yummy Mummy:
1) Extra Pillows and Blanket

2) Nightgown with front opening (easier to breastfeed!)

3) Nursing Bra - I got mine from Marks & Spencer and H&M

4) Disposable Cotton Underwear - I got this from Watsons - they have good ones that feel like real underwear! Why disposable? This saves you from having to wash bloody underwear in the hospital (and hanging it on the bathroom for your guests to see!)

5) Cotton Underwear - You can use this when major bleeding has subsided

6) Abdominal Binder - Better to bring your own so the hospital won't charge you an arm and a leg for it! Must have for yummy mummies undergoing C-section.

7) Maternity Pads/Adult Diaper - Better to bring your own so the hospital won't charge you an arm and a leg for it! I use Modess Overnights since it has wings which I prefer.

8) Underpads - This like a big cotton pad which they place under your butt so you won't stain the hospital bed with blood. Better to bring your own so the hospital won't charge you an arm and a leg for it (I think they charge P50/piece! You can buy an 8pc pack for P145.75 in the supermarket!)

9) Breastpads and Breast gel - I use Lansinoh and Medela

10) Nursing Cover - lest you welcome your guests with a surprise peep show!

11) Slippers

12) Lipbalm and Mints

13) Glasses/Contact Lens/Contact Lens Solution

14) Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, face wash, shampoo, bath wash/soap, bath towel, etc)

15) Liquid Hand Wash - I prefer this to regular bar soap because I find it more hygienic.

16) Change of clothes/ Going home outfit

17) Breastpump - I used this when I gave birth to Dumpling to relieve engorgement. I still fed him directly but the nurses gave the expressed milk via cup feeding. Better to just bring yours if you have one anyway because MMC charged P100 per use of their industrial breastpump.

18) Breastfeeding Pillow/Boppy Pillow (optional)

15) Kidney basin (if you have)

16) Ear thermometer with Lens Filters - the nurses change the lens filter after every use. They take your temperature every 3 hours. It's P10/filter. You do the math!

For the little one:
1) 1 pack of newborn diaper - Again, bring your own so the hospital won't charge you

2) 4 Tie-sides/Kimono sets

3) 4 pairs of mittens (the ones you tie up, not the garterized ones which come off easily) and booties/socks

4) 2 receiving blankets

5) 1 Baby Wash

6) 1 Baby Towel

7) Burp Pads or Lampin

8) Baby Wipes

9) 4 Frogsuits/Footsie Pajamas - we stayed at St. Lukes BGC and it was sooo cold! 

10) Going home outfit

For Daddy:
1) Pillow and Blanket
2) Toiletries
3) Change of Clothes
4) Bath Towel
5) Slippers

1) Camera with chargers and extra memory cards - make sure your batteries are fully charged before going to the hospital

2) Checkbook & Cash - some doctors only accept cash payment so check on this before the big day so you'll know how much to bring

3) 1 Gallon of Water + Paper/Plastic Cups

4) Paper Plates, plastic spoon and fork

4) Alcohol/Hand Sanitizer

5) Cotton - remember, each and every cotton ball the hospital uses on you and your baby will be charged!

6) 2 Pens - you will be filling up a LOT of forms!

7) Baby Book/Memory Book 

8) Phone chargers

1) Philhealth
    - Philhealth ID
    - Form 1
    - MDR (Member Data Record)
    - Contribution Certificate

2) Marriage Contract

3) Birth Certificate of Mum and Dad

4) Doctor's Admission Slip

5) Mother's Information Sheet - different nurses, doctors, residents will be asking for THE SAME information. Just hand this over so they'll leave you in peace!

6) La Maze Certificate (if normal delivery and you want daddy in the birthing room)

7) Birth Certificate Cheat Sheet

Hope this helps other yummy mummies preparing for the big day, too! 
Is there something on your list that I missed out? 
Please leave me a note so I can add it on mine!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Mother's Love

There is only one beautiful child in the world, and every mother has it.
- Chinese Proverbs

This video truly inspired me to be a better mum. Hope it inspires you, too. Warning: Keep your tissues handy!

There really is nothing greater than a mother's love.
Happy Mummy's Day to all you Yummy Mummies!