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Thursday, March 29, 2012

March of the Little Penguins

Kian's school had its year-end presentation two weeks ago. The little penguins shaked their little tails to this song from Happy Feet. It was dumpling's first venture on stage! I was worried he would shy away from the crowd but he went up there filled with penguin power confidence! So proud of my little dumpling!

Where is my mama penguin?

Admiring the icebergs 

Watch our happy little feet dance!
Some penguins cried, some penguins danced their heart out and most penguins just stood there wide-eyed, looking out to the crowd (just like the ones in National Geographic!). But whatever each little penguin did, I believe being in front of a crowd for the first time made them just a wee bit braver :) And ain't that a big part of growing up?


  1. can i just say that he is the most adorable little penguin i have ever laid my eyes on! :)

  2. Thanks, Mama Bear! I think so, too! :)