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Friday, April 27, 2012

Dumpling's Choice of Slurps

Now that my dumpling is a school boy, I try to find yummy but nutritious snacks for him to bring to pre-school - which includes drinks!

His ultimate favorite is Dutch Mill Yoghurt Drink! He's been drinking this since he turned one (this is how he learned to drink from a straw!) He loves it so much he asks for one the moment I place this in our supermarket cart!

It's a yoghurt drink infused with different natural fruit flavors: Strawberry, Blueberry, Mixed Fruits and Orange! He loves them all! It's rich in calcium, iron and protein and cultured with lactobacilius bulgaricus and streptococcus thermophilus (great for little tummies' digestion!) 

His pediatrician also gave his stamp of approval! A much better option than chocolate drinks or artificially-flavored juice boxes (like Zesto!).

And here's my little dumpling during snack time!
While in school or while I play, I will drink this everyday!

It comes in a small tetrapak - P7.95 (around $0.18) for 90ml. which is great because it discourages him from drinking too much! But it also comes in a big size, like the one he is holding in the third photo above.

Just to mix it up a bit, he also drinks Nestle Yogurt Fruit Selection. But he only likes the Mango flavor. I love the mini-bottles - super cute! The photo below is just 100mL (will update next time with price)!

How about you, yummy mummy? 
What does your little one have in his snack bag?


  1. super cutie dumpling. i miss him already. he looks so macho in the other pic :) thanks also for introducing me to his drink. baby bear loves this drink too! :)

  2. I personally find it too sour but I'm glad Dumpling and Baby Bear love it since it's a healthy drink! :) He also drinks Yakult but I try to limit it since it has too much sugar (and that's why it tastes so good! Haha!)

  3. You're a really great mum. Dutch Mill is a really great drink because it's pack with all the goodness.