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Friday, September 7, 2012

I've Got My Eye on You

One of the first things I bought for Baby Zee's arrival was a baby monitor. With Dumpling, we were able to manage without one. But now that they are two, well, it will be harder to keep a close watch on both of them at the same time.

I went through a lot of baby monitors: Chicco, Baby First, Avent, Summer... before I decided on a Motorola MBP36 Baby Monitor. It was a risk since I bought it off Amazon so I couldn't test the unit first. But I figured since I was buying an electronic gadget, I would go for a brand trusted in that field rather than a baby brand. Well, my risk paid off because I am super happy with this product! 

Why it rocks:

1) It has a large screen - 3.5" color screen LCD plus infrared night vision so I can see my baby even if it's pitch black in the room

Love the huge screen!

2) Audio quality is very good - I can hear every hiccup and fart
3) It has a remote pan, tilt and zoom function so I can change the view from the parent unit
4) It functions as an intercom - I can talk to the kids or the nanny without going to the other room. This feature freaks out dumpling because he doesn't know where my voice is coming from :)
5) The room temperature is seen on-screen so you'll know if the baby's room is too hot or too cold
6) I also love the sleek design of this product. Some of the baby monitors I saw were too pa-cute which I didn't care for that much.
7) They programmed 5 lulllabies in the unit! So if your baby is crying, you can play her a lullaby through the camera and help soothe her back to sleep. I've never used this function though but it's kinda cool they thought of it.
8) You can add more cameras and hook it up with your existing parent unit. Perfect for parents who have lots of kids! You can surf through different rooms with just a press of a button!

What they could have done better:

I only have one complaint - when the parent unit is not plugged in, the video shuts off after awhile. This is the automatic power saver feature forced upon the user. You can't disable this function. To wake up the screen, you just have to press any button. Audio is still on, though. Still a bit of a hassle that's why I just leave it plugged in.

Here's a video review on this product:

This baby monitor was especially useful to me when Dumpling and I were sick and Baby Zee was quarantined in the nursery. I was able to monitor her the entire time. My husband would put her near the camera and I would talk to her through the intercom. 

Sleeping Zee on night vision

Having this also prevents the nanny from doing something naughty since she knows she's being watched ALL.THE.TIME.

I'm watching you.


  1. one last time with feelings. i hope this comment publishes na. i am not a robot! hahaha.

    anyhoo thanks so much for recommending me this video monitor also. makes my life so much easier with the pan-zoom features. my fave feature is the screen out because with our old monitor, we had to endure the glaring light every night!

  2. I had been planning on getting a baby monitor, but putting it off til we move the little monster to the nursery. Will keep this one in mind though!

    1. Can't wait to meet your little monster! This baby monitor is a really good one! :)